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The importance of reliable housing has never been more accentuated than in these times of self-isolation & physical distancing. From the comfort of our homes, Highness Capital invites investors to consider Sarmaya Capital Corp. In addition to an attractive investment profile, Sarmaya is committed to revitalizing housing in underprivileged urban centers and rejuvenating lower income communities. Highness Capital congratulates Sarmaya for their vision to be “custodians of our clients’ investments, while allowing our clients to become custodians of better, safer, thriving communities that will transform neighbourhoods and cities in which they exist”. Sarmaya’s current portfolio is in the Atlanta housing market. Atlanta has recently taken an economic blow with the cancellation of sports events (such as the NCAA), disruption to its large convention industry, and a slowdown to the travel industry as it is home to America’s busiest airport. Notwithstanding this, Sarmaya is well positioned to profitably weather the current downturn and, as importantly, is structured to take advantage of the impending recovery. Contact Amana Manori to learn about Sarmaya Capital & the Sarmaya Capital Real Estate Fund.